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What to Note when Observing the Island of San Nicola from the Sea

Many tourist trips take visitors to sail around the attractions of the Tremiti islands comfortably from the boat that carries them.

San Nicola island

All this brings innumerable advantages, in terms of comfort, but at the same time, it is not possible to capture some details of the observed landscape.

When, for example, you contemplate the island of San Nicola, starting from the southern side of the island, you will be able to admire the following attractions:

- Grotta Testa di Morte (the “Death's Head Cave”), which owes its disturbing name to the resemblance of the rock to a skull;

- above, you will observe the abbey with its imposing fortified complex;

- then you can see the Torre della Vedetta (“Watchtower”), partially destroyed by the Austrians in 1915;

- further on you come across the Scoglio Segato, a massive rock that broke away in the past when it fell into the sea, which is striking for its smooth walls that appear to have been sawn by man;

- continuing the circumnavigation of the island you can admire the Grotta del Ferraio (“Ferraio cave”), very small in size, which seems to have been the refuge of a blacksmith;

- in correspondence with this cave you can observe, looking up, a series of stratifications of marine fossils;

- after the Punta del Camposanto you can see the Scoglio del Pirruozzolo, the Scoglio del Sergente (“Rock of the Sergeant”) under the machicolation of the fortified tower (where a well-known sergeant went to fish), and the Scoglio della Vecchia (“Rock of the Old”), yellow in color due to the oxidation;

- after a few typical restaurants overlooking the sea, you return to the starting point after passing in front of the bridge which in the past connected the Cretaccio to the island of San Nicola (called "Travicello") to the pier and a small beach.

You will find more information about the island of St. Nicholas in the above link.

We just have to wish you a good tour of the island of San Nicola!

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