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The Village of San Nicola’s island, Tremiti

The island of San Nicola, the historic island of the Tremiti archipelago, is not only a spectacle of towers, castles, necropolises, abbeys and bastions, but also hosts an enchanting town made up of various buildings built in different eras.

San Nicola Tremiti

The "Palazzo del Giudice Borbonico" stands rather secluded from the rest of the agglomeration and is the seat of the Municipality. In the past it was used for a different purpose, as evidenced by the walls that divide the dormitories and which show requests for help engraved on their surface as well as invocations to the Saints.

It is no coincidence that along Via degli Abati, in correspondence with Corso Diomede, stands a bronze monument dedicated "To the politically persecuted", as if to demonstrate the role of confinement that the Tremiti islands assumed in the past.

But the town is also made up of "Cameroni", which is the term with which the locals call some rooms that follow one after the other.

The various buildings that rise around the current Santoro bar date back to the 1930s, while the most modern building that can be seen, the three-storey one, is part of a public housing project to house 6 families.

Overall, the island currently has about 130 inhabitants.

An interesting study on the island of San Nicola is available here, while here is an article to see where to eat in San Nicola.


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