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Angevin Castle of the Badiali, island of San Nicola

This architectural jewel is perhaps the main historical attraction of the Tremiti Islands, located on the island of San Nicola.

It can be seen from Corso Diomede protected by the Torrione Angioino, dating back to medieval times (the year 1294).

It was the Lateran people who reinforced the walls, consolidating the structure and creating corridors for the riflemen.

What is striking today are not only the mighty walls but also the deep moat along the entire perimeter and the imposing entrance door which was once preceded by a drawbridge (now replaced by a wooden walkway).

Angioino Castle Tremiti

Above the door, it is still possible to see a clear Crusader symbol today. Once you have crossed the entrance it is possible to climb above the tower built at the behest of Charles II of Anjou, to admire an enchanting panorama from up there. Along the way, the sinkholes from which the boiling liquid was thrown to dissuade the enemies from proceeding further can attract attention.

Going further it is possible to cross a second entrance door to the complex, recognizable because it stands next to the statue of the Madonna dell'Assunta with the Child on her lap. This point represented the last defense before accessing the abbey, and for this reason, you can see machicolations and iron grates.

Crossing this threshold, it is possible to admire the Loggia of the Lateran Canons and the Cistern, which represented the island's water reserve.

Other images of this fascinating fortress are available here.


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