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Where to eat well on the island of San Nicola - Tremiti Islands: Restaurants and Typical Products

Tourist trips to the Tremiti Islands are always a bit adventurous, and this can put a certain hunger.

On the other hand, typical products are not lacking, from fish to vegetables, from meat to sweets.

Some recipes that can "spice" your days to discover the Tremiti can have lobsters, scampi, spaghetti with clams and fish soup as protagonists.

Restaurants San Nicola Tremiti

Very typical are the Scescille, cooked by mixing eggs, cheese and stale bread, and the “Fe'jute fish”, which means "escaped fish" although the ingredients are simply vegetable soup, cherry tomatoes and stale bread, and not the fish!

The question of where to eat these delicacies remains.

Here then are some suggestions on where to have your meal:

  • Da Enrichetta, , Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 2, San Nicola: fresh fish, wonderful and beautiful dishes, magical atmosphere, apparently rustic but in essence they know how to do their job.

  • Il Torrione, , Piazza del Castello, 5, San Nicola di Tremiti: good appetizers, such as the seafood pie; excellent mixed fried fish, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and above all not too greasy.

  • Architiello San Nicola Isole Tremiti, , Salita delle Mura, 5, San Nicola: panoramic location with sea view; good cuisine based on the daily catch; excellent lobster as well as appetizers with seafood; also suggest the fish balls and stuffed squid; finally you can taste the homemade puff pastry.

  • La Torretta del Caicco, , truly a place, with an exceptional view at sunset; good food and drink; if we visit the island of San Nicola, we suggest you go through here.

An insight into the typical Apulian cuisine can be found in the link. Here you find our tips on restaurants on the island of San Domino of Tremiti.

Enjoy your meal!

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