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Where to eat well on the island of San Domino - Tremiti Islands: Restaurants and Typical Products

We know that traveling is as beautiful as it is tiring and, having arrived in the evening, we feel peckish and the best solution, if you are in a new place, is to taste the delicacies of the place.

Thank goodness the Tremiti Islands offer a certain variety of choices!

Starting from the use that is usually made of stale bread, which is found in recipes such as the "Fe'jute fish", which is not based on fish but on a soup of vegetables, cherry tomatoes, and stale bread, and the Scescille, also based on stale bread, eggs, and cheese.

Then, clearly, a chef who works on the Tremiti Islands gets his best form when he cooks fish-based dishes in the kitchen, such as fish soup, spaghetti with clams, scapes, and lobsters!

Tremiti restaurants

All seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and, perhaps, accompanied by a nice glass of white wine, such as Daunia IGT.

But where to go to eat these typical dishes?

Here are some tips for choosing your own restaurant!

  • Ristorante La Fenice, Via Beato Giovanni da Foligno, 4, : very panoramic location, excellent first courses such as orecchiette fenice, orecchiette with tuna, lemon, olives and cherry tomatoes and "scialatiello allo scoglio"; another positive note is that the dishes are very abundant.

  • Capatosta Tremiti Island, Via Prefetto Cesare Mori, : recommended for mixed fried foods and hamburgers, such as the one with prawns wrapped in bacon and caramelized onions in squid ink bread; the cocktails served, based on gin and tonic, are also excellent.

  • In Smerza... Bar Ristoro Cala Spido, Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 9, : they not only serve sandwiches, but it is also a good restaurant, immersed in a pine forest, with a certain availability of benches where you can have a meal in the shade; octopus salad, burrata and spaghetti with scampi.

  • La Capannina, Via Federico II, 4/A, : excellent Aperol aperitifs and draft beers, which can be enjoyed comfortably in a beautiful hammock while contemplating the sea from a breathtaking view; sandwiches are also good.

If you want to learn more about the delicacies of Apulian cuisine, you can find more information in the link. While if you want a list of the best places to stay overnight, here you will find a list of hotels in the Tremiti.

Enjoy your meal!

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