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The Flora and Fauna that populate the Tremiti islands

The Tremiti islands are as small in size as they are rich in diversity in terms of the presence of plants and animals that populate them.

Fauna and flora of Tremiti

This variety also depends on the different morphological attributes that characterize the island diversity.

If in San Nicola we can only find thistle and rosemary bushes, as well as a small herbaceous grazing area, on the island of San Domino we can be welcomed by a lush pine forest.

Here we can admire above all the Aleppo pines, in addition to the holm oak and the typical Mediterranean scrub consisting of caper and mastic.

Among the flowers you can admire the Centaura diomedea, the Violet and the Wild Orchid.

As for the flora that populates the island of Caprara, thistles, mugwort and caper plants give colour to the area.

As for the fauna that lives on the Tremiti islands, the most prominent element concerns all the migratory birds that have a fundamental stopping point in this archipelago along the route between Europe and Africa. We are talking about species such as:

  • the Sea Swallow (Sterna Hirundo),

  • the Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus),

  • the Coral Gull and, above all,

  • the Greater Shearwater (Colonectris Diomedea).

For millennia, the latter species has reached the islands in spring to mate and nest. And it is during the courtship rituals that he emits the famous cries exchanged in the past for funeral lamentations of the traveling companions of the Homeric hero Diomedes.

The protection of this habitat is also the subject of European Union attention, as demonstrated by the "Protection of seabirds and habitats in Tremiti (Diomedee) Islands" project.

Discover the other wonders of the islands, for example the Pagliai delle Tremiti, thanks to our Blog!

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