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The Pagliai rocks of Tremiti Islands

Pagliai are huge limestone rocks with a spectacular scenographic effect!

Pagliai Tremiti islands

The name derives from the fact that these shapes can appear when viewed from above, like bales of straw resting on the water.

These vast masses generally have a conical shape and were created due to the continuous collapses that hit the coast and which, in the long term, leave some important rock formations isolated.

Sometimes, these erosion phenomena create beautiful natural arches that are even navigable if you have a small boat.

The best place to appreciate the Pagliai at the Tremiti islands is the “Pagliai beach”, which among other things is probably the most photographed place in the archipelago, due to its white sand that looks like sugar fallen at the base of the white cliff, which stands above.

More information and photos about the Pagliai of the Tremiti islands are available here, while to discover other reasons to visit the Tremiti islands, click on the link indicated

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