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3 Reasons to Visit the Tremiti Islands

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Looking up from the skyline you can see impressive fortifications, ancient abbeys, and medieval villages. At sea level, polychrome caves, secret beaches, and small bays surprise us. And under the seabed, the surprises never cease to amaze us, thanks to a protected natural reserve that preserved all the colors that can be admired in the sea

This is why this small archipelago, the only Italian in the Adriatic Sea, is a real miniature paradise. So small that its dimensions are measured in meters.

Why visit Tremiti islands

These islands will leave you speechless for various reasons that have made them a popular tourist destination for decades. Let's try to summarize the 3 which, in our opinion, are the most important:

  1. Crystal clear water and breath-taking beaches: Tremiti Islands offer the best imaginable mix of precious beaches that plunge into clear water, allowing you to appreciate the depths for several tens of meters.

  2. The naturalistic spectacle offered: here nature has given the best proof of itself, managing to create in a relatively limited area a wide variety of landscapes that follow one another: floristic biodiversity, native pine forest of Pino d'Aleppo, limestone conformations with bizarre shapes (such as the Elephant Rock), hidden caves and much more.

  3. Art and history: there are many legends involving Tremiti islands. From the one concerning Diomede's tomb to that related to the sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare. All these stories originate from the centuries-old history that has seen for centuries the succession of unimaginable human events, which have also left their traces in all the artistic testimonies still present on the islands.

An interesting insight into the mythology and history of the Tremiti is available in this article.

And, if you plan to visit the Tremiti Islands, remember that can help you to organize a fabulous experience!


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