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The Tremiti Islands as a place of exile since Roman times, also for the family of the Emperor August

The Tremiti, from the classical age to the Savoy era and beyond, have always been a very unsought destination for all those characters who, over the centuries, have been forcibly relegated to these islands, due to their immoral or illegal conduct followed.

We have to imagine many stories of illustrious figures navigating the waters in front of the Gargano to reluctantly land in this strip of land, with no idea of ​​when their return journey would be.

Just as there have been countless escape attempts to return to the mainland. And for many of these stories, we have evidence to back them up.

One example among many can be identified in the family of the most illustrious character in all of Roman history: the emperor Augustus! In fact, it is said that his niece Giulia, daughter of Marcus Agrippa, prostituted herself in Rome with any patrician or plebeian who desired her and, to avoid throwing mud on the good name of the family, at a certain point it was decided to send her right to the Tremiti Islands.

Here he remained for twenty years until he tried to seduce a jailer to reach the peninsula again. The seduction was successful, but not the sailing on the open sea. Even today in Campo Marte, at the mausoleum of Augustus in Rome, the ashes of all the Giulio Claudia people have been found, but not those of Giulia.

Let us, therefore, consider ourselves lucky if today we can visit the Tremiti islands in all their splendor as tourists, free to land and return to our homes whenever we want!

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Here, however, you will find in-depth information on the history of the Tremiti Islands.


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