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Listen to the Song of the Diomedee in Tremiti islands

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A tourist who stays overnight on the Tremiti Islands could decide to ease his sleep by taking a nice walk before going to bed.

If he were on the island of San Domino on a moonless night, he could venture as far as "Ripa dei Falconi" and there, with great amazement, he would first hear the cry of many small children.

Approaching to better understand what is happening, he would witness an unforgettable experience!

He would realize that to emit the moans are not children but the Diomedee, birds that are part of the species Berta major (Coionectris diomedea) and Berta minor, (Puffinus yelkouon).

flora and fauna of Tremiti

Legend has it that these colorful singing birds were the faithful companions of Diomedes, a Homeric hero, and were transformed into birds by the capricious Venus to mourn their demigod king forever.

Pliny speaks of them describing them with:

" teeth and eyes of fire for enemies, and with soft feathers of extraordinary whiteness for friends."

What can I say: if you can witness this Homeric natural spectacle, even your holiday on the Tremiti islands will become something even more memorable!

For further information on the flora and fauna of the Tremiti Islands read the article, while for more info on the naturalistic shows that take place every day on the Tremiti can be found here.

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