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Tremiti Islands: Useful Information to Better Organize your Trip

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

There are many reasons to visit the Tremiti islands, but once you decide to embark on the journey, what information is useful to better organize your trip? Below we list the main ones.

The Tremiti islands are 22 km north of the Gargano promontory and are part of the Puglia region, in Italy.

They consist of 5 main islands, 2 of which are inhabited: San Nicola and San Domino. Of the other 3 islands of Caprara, Cretaccio and Pianosa.

The latter is the most distant and can only be visited with prior authorization (normally it is not the subject of a normal tourist visit to the Tremiti Islands).

Visiting Tremiti islands

The islands have 491 locals (as of 2022) and a very limited area of ​​just 3.18 square km.

Before departure, remember that there are no banks or ATMs on the islands, but only a post office with a Bancoposta counter.

There are 6 ports from which you can reach the Tremiti islands by boat:

  • Port of Foce Varano (one of the closest)

  • Port of Rodi Garganico

  • Port of Termoli

  • Port of Vieste

  • Port of Vasto

  • Port of Peschici

It is possible to use several types of boats to reach the islands:

  • Motor ship

  • Seaplane

  • Small boats

  • Rubber boat

It is not possible to transport your car to the islands, as its use is reserved for residents only.

At the website of the municipality of the Tremiti islands it is possible to acquire further useful information to visit them at your best.


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