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People of Tremiti: Apulians or Neapolitans? Or Sicilians?

People of Tremiti

Did you know that the population of the Tremiti islands speak a dialect that is closer to Neapolitan than to Puglia, despite the fact that the territory administratively belongs to the Puglia region?

And could you imagine that the current surnames of the people of Tremiti are of typical Neapolitan and Sicilian rather than Apulian origin?

Well yes! The reason can be traced back to the Bourbon domination, which from 1800 deported “guappi” and “picciotti” from Naples and Sicily to these islands.

This is why the local dialect is not Apulian but is similar to Neapolitan, and it is for this reason that on the Tremiti islands we find surnames like Pica and names like Gennaro, of Neapolitan origin, and other Sicilian surnames like Lisci.

This article explains a little better this bizarre business of the Neapolitans on the Tremiti

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